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Decorative Treatment of Base of Aluminium Signs

Last Updated :2023/07/05

Aluminium Signs has a wide range of applications, excellent processability, and is light in weight and inexpensive, and is the preferred material for manufacturing sign panels. The bottom layer is decorated with decorative sign panels, and the variety is increasing to meet the different needs of customers and manufacturers.

Decorative Treatment of Base of Aluminium Signs

The grades of industrial pure aluminum in my country are compiled based on the limit of impurities, such as L1, L2, L3..., L is the beginning of the Chinese pinyin of the word "aluminum", and the larger the sequence number attached to it, the lower the purity. Industrial pure aluminum is generally defined as aluminum with a purity of 99.0% to 99.9%, and China is defined as aluminum with a purity of 98.8% to 99.7%. China's plastic deformation processing industry pure aluminum grades are 1080, 1080A, 1070, 1070A (L1), 1370, 1060 (L2), 1050, 1050A (L3), 1A50 (LB2), 1350, 1145, 1035 (L4), 1A30 ( L4-1), 1100 (L5-1), 1200 (L-5), 1235, etc. Iron and silicon are its main impurities, and increase according to the number of grades.

Preferred grades are:

L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6, L5-1, LT66.

Its supply status is:

T M is extra soft, M is soft, Y 4 is 1/4 hard, Y 3 is 1/3 hard, Y 2 is semi-hard, Y 1 is 3/4 hard, and T is extra hard.

Supply status and size of preferred aluminum sheets

 preferred aluminum sheets

There are a variety of methods for decorative processing of aluminum sign panels, and there are many states. According to the needs of customers, corresponding products can be provided. Welcome to consult.