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aluminium street name sign blanks

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Aluminium street name sign blanks is the most commonly used aluminium plate in metal plate. It is usually formed by stamping, printing, corrosion and die casting of aluminium alloy. Common processes: silk printing, corrosion, high gloss (polishing), oxidation, wire drawing, electroplating, spraying, spot painting, baking paint, reflective, night-light printing and other processes. Surface content color: screen printing, dotting paint, heat transfer printing to complete the color effect, can print a variety of text, number, pattern and other content.
Aluminium street name sign blanks
Aluminium street name sign blanks has the function of marking, guiding and warning, especially the function of reflecting light at night and prompting light at night. For example, road signs, floor signs, street names, etc. are mainly conveyed by words, patterns and signs. They have symbolic, directional, warning and indicative functions.
In the products of metal label, the proportion of aluminium street name sign blanks accounts for more than 90% of the metal label. For more than half a century, the use of aluminium plate to make the label has lasted for a long time. The main reason is that aluminium has the most decorative expressive force. Many surface decoration processes can be applied and developed on aluminium materials to facilitate the acquisition of colorful, multi-combinations of high-level decorative layers. On the other hand, it is determined by a series of excellent properties of aluminum.