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precision aluminum blanks

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Precision aluminum blanks are developed by optimizing chemical composition. It has excellent thermal shock resistance. It has more advantages in repeated high temperature testing. Its hardness remains stable and its comprehensive mechanical properties are more excellent. Therefore, under high temperature test, the performance of precision aluminum sheet is better and more stable.

Precision aluminum blanks
Strict control of impurities, alkali metals and low melting point elements in Precision aluminum blanks improve the corrosion resistance and creep resistance of the alloy. The two sides of the sheet show super-flat and fine surface after milling and grinding. The dimension tolerance standard is world-leading. It can be fully inspected and protected by double-sided film. Its strength exceeds that of similar products in Europe and its thickness specifications. High coverage (> 4.5mm).
1. By continuously optimizing the production process, the smoothness of aluminium sheet is greatly improved. The thickness of aluminium sheet with 10-100mm thickness is ensured to be less than 0.127mm per square meter and the thickness tolerance is (+0.05mm).
2. Through the exclusive heat treatment technology, the internal residual stress of the alloy plate has been greatly reduced.
3. Each alloy sheet has undergone strict surface and internal testing to ensure that high-quality aluminum alloy sheet into the market!
While reducing residual stress and improving surface quality, it also contributes to saving cost for customers.
Precision aluminum blanks are mainly used in ship, automobile, aviation, Metro Light rail, computer circuit board, chip printing device, circuit printing device, various instruments, food machinery, plastic injection mold, high strength tangential participation in stress components, medical machinery, packaging machinery and models, etc.