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Aluminium sign board supplier

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Aluminum sign board refers to the products of signs and nameplates made of aluminum raw materials, which are collectively referred to as aluminum signs. It has the functions of guidance, instruction, warning, warning, information transmission and brand promotion.
Aluminium sign board supplier
Aluminium sign board supplier
1. Aluminum signs have the functions of marking, guiding and warning.
2. Brand image communication.
3. In the products of metal signs, the proportion of aluminum signs accounts for more than 90% of the metal signs.
Characteristics of aluminum sign board: in addition to the above reasons, the physical and chemical properties of aluminum are consistent with the requirements related to the application in the label. The brief introduction is as follows.
1. Light weight
2. Easy processing
3. Good corrosion resistance
4. Good weather resistance
5. No magnetism
Signi aluminum is a professional aluminum sign board supplier manufacturer.
1. The production and processing of aluminum signs are closely related to the industrial development of the region. Because the real economy of the industrial park has a strong demand for signs, the birthplace of aluminum signs is mainly concentrated in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.
2. Aluminum signs wholesale, if there is a market goods, the general aluminum signs wholesale price will be much cheaper, but the general aluminum signs are customized products, often from design proofing to mass production of research and development costs are high, and the cycle is long; So aluminum signs wholesale is not common, but if the number of aluminum signs is large, the price is the same as the wholesale price. Generally, the number of aluminum signs is fixed from 1000.
3. At present, many self proclaimed aluminum label suppliers in the market are not actually produced in their own factories, but they don't know how to supply the labels through several hands; Because the scale of aluminum label manufacturers is not large, and they are mainly family workshops, so the information is not available. How to identify the aluminum label can be known only by looking at the price. Generally, the aluminum label will be much higher than the market price.
4. Signi aluminum is one of the aluminum sign board suppliers. Manufacturers always rely on quantity for shipment. Because they don't have much energy to make small orders, the price may be a little higher if the quantity is small, and the price will be a little higher if the mold fee and version fee are added, but it is also a reasonable range of market price. Please pay attention to Hongsheng sign for more information about aluminum sign processing.