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Aluminum reflective sign blanks

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Aluminum reflective sign blanks are composed of safety colors (safety colors are used to express the meaning of safety information such as prohibition, warning, instruction and indication, which are specifically specified as red, blue, yellow and green. The contrast colors are black and white), geometric graphics and graphic symbols. Stainless steel warning signs are used to express specific safety information. These signs are divided into four categories: prohibition signs, warning signs, instruction signs and prompt signs.

Aluminum reflective sign blanks

Aluminum reflective sign blanks

Application of aluminum reflective safety signboard

Aluminum reflective sign blanks set safety signs in relevant places, such as "Beware of electric shock" in power distribution rooms, switches and other places. "Beware of mechanical injury" shall be set in the mechanical operation workshop prone to mechanical entanglement, rolling, rolling, shearing and other injuries. "Beware of hand injury" shall be set in the machining workshop that is easy to cause hand injury. In the casting workshop and workshops with sharp corner bulk materials that are easy to cause foot injury, the "Beware of binding feet" shall be set.

Signi aluminum is committed to the R & D, production and sales of traffic safety facilities. Its products include a series of traffic safety facilities such as raised road signs of various materials (plastic road nails, cast aluminum road nails and glass road nails), contour signs, anti glare plates, warning posts, water horses, anti-collision barrels, new energy storage self luminous signs, etc.