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Aluminum sign blanks 24x36

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Aluminum sign blanks refer to the signs and nameplates made of aluminum raw materials, which are collectively referred to as aluminum signs. It has the functions of guidance, instruction, warning, warning, information transmission and brand promotion.

Aluminum sign blanks 24x36

Aluminum sign blanks 24x36


Aluminum sign blanks is one of the most common kinds of signs because of its excellent performance, light weight and abundant resources. Aluminum sign blanks is widely used in construction, decoration and construction, such as road construction sign, building stair sign and safety warning sign. The thickness is between 0.25-2.5mm, and the width and length can be customized according to the specific needs of customers.


Aluminum sign blanks 24x36 is widely used in the field of traffic signs to remind pedestrians and vehicles. It can also be used as road partition. In our daily life, we can also see that aluminum plates are everywhere.


Aluminum sign blanks 24x36 is a regular size in traffic signs. Signi aluminum is a professional manufacturer of aluminum sign blanks 24x36. It has a large stock and can be delivered according to the number of customers.