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Aluminum sign board price

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Aluminum sign board price depends on four aspects: 1. Aluminum alloy 2. Aluminum specification 3. Market quotation 4. Manufacturing process.

Aluminum alloys include 1-series pure aluminum, 3-Series corrosion-resistant alloy and 5-series aluminum magnesium alloy. 1 series pure aluminum plate is the cheapest, more common, generally used more in China. 3-series corrosion-resistant alloys are generally used in special occasions, 5-series aluminum magnesium alloys are generally used abroad.


Aluminum sign board price

The size of aluminum depends on where aluminum sign board is used. In the case of the same thickness, the larger the sign, the more expensive the price.

The market price of aluminum depends on the price of aluminum ingot, which fluctuates with the market demand.

Aluminum sign board can be made in many ways, such as screen printing, base color spraying and corrosion coloring.

Let's focus on the production of aluminum plate electroplating. According to color types, gold can be divided into many kinds, such as gold, light gold, rose gold, champagne gold, etc. The light gold aluminum sign is made by corrosion process. The material itself is electroplated with gold and used directly. Tea packaging and gold aluminum label, this Jinsha bottom is made by secondary processing after stamping. It can be seen that it has a high-grade effect. It is polished, polished and then painted. For high-grade packaging, we need gold and other relatively high standard color signs to decorate.