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aluminum sign manufacturer

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Henan Signi Aluminium is an professional aluminum sign manufacturer that can provide customized products according to customer needs, including the color, thickness, width and length of the sign.
1. The material is made of high-quality aluminum alloy plates, such as 3003 and 5052 alloys, with engineering-grade or high-strength reflective film on the surface, which has a good reflective effect at night.
2. According to national standard size, cut aluminum plate and reflective film (square, round).
3. Wash the aluminum plate, polish the aluminum plate with a white clean cloth to make the surface of the aluminum plate rough, rinse it with water and dry it.
4. Use a hydraulic press to stick the reflective film on the cleaned aluminum plate for road traffic signs for later use.
5. Computer typesetting patterns and text, and use a computer engraving machine to directly print the pictures and text on the reflective film.
6. Use a squeegee to press the carved patterns and silk-screened patterns on the aluminum plate of the base film to form.

As the professional aluminum sign manufacturer, Henan Signi Aluminium supplies blank road traffic sign aluminum sheets, PE coated blank road traffic sign aluminum sheets, PVDF coated blank road traffic sign aluminum sheets, the alloy is 1060 3003 5052 and the thickness is 2mm.