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Blank aluminum street signs

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Blank aluminum street signs is a kind of aluminum signs among many signs, which are usually formed by stamping, cutting, concave convex and aluminum alloy die casting. Common aluminum signs production process: high gloss (polished), etching, oxidation, drawing, laser engraving, electroplating, spraying, painting, enamel, baking paint, reflective, luminous printing and other processes. Surface content color: screen printing, four-color offset printing, thermal transfer printing to complete the color effect, can print a variety of text, number, pattern and other content.

 Blank aluminum street signs
Blank aluminum street signs

Performance of blank aluminum street signs:

Blank aluminum street signs have the functions of marking, guiding and warning, especially the function of night reflection and night light. For example: road sign guidance, floor sign indication, street name indication, engineering construction and related danger sign warning, etc., are mainly conveyed through words, patterns and signs, which have symbolic, direction, warning, indicative and other functions.

Advantages of blank aluminum street signs:

1. Good weather resistance: many substances have no corrosive effect on it, and it will have excellent durability when used in harsh environment in industrial areas and coastal areas.

2. No magnetism: aluminum is non-magnetic and will not cause external interference to instruments and equipment.