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painted aluminum sheet 4'x8'

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Painted aluminum sheet 4'x8' is made of Al-Mn-Mg alloy with alloy status of 3004, which is deesterified, cleaned and passivated. On this basis, coatings produced by international KANAR500 and HYLAR5000 series of fluorocarbon (PVDF) resins are coated, with durable weatherability. After cutting, pressing, punching, bending and other follow-up processing. It can be used for decorative building panels with large span and large area for integral roof and wall decoration; it can also be used for decorative panels for indoor roof by cutting small panels into bending and stamping dies; it can also be bonded with foamed polyurethane and honeycomb aluminium for energy-saving exterior wall decorative panels.

painted aluminum sheet 4'x8'

Specification and size:

Substrate Size: 0.2-1.5mm Thickness and 600-1850mm Width
Normal size:  painted aluminum sheet 4'x8'
Film Thickness: Single 4-20 Micron, Double 25-28 Micron, 3 35-38 Micron
Colour: Refer to the sample provided by our company, you can also adjust any color according to customer's needs.

Painted aluminum sheet 4'x8' is widely used in roof enclosure system and ceiling decoration board of large steel structure workshop, exhibition hall, stadium, airport and railway station. Aluminum-manganese-magnesium alloy colour-coated aluminium sheets with different thickness can be selected for subsequent processing such as cutting, pressing, punching and bending, which can be used for large span and large area integral roof and wall decorative building panels, or can be used for indoor roof decoration by cutting into small panels, bending, stamping die processing, etc. It can also be bonded and compounded with foamed polyurethane and honeycomb aluminium for energy-saving exterior wall building decoration.