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personalized metal street signs manufacturer in China

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Personalized metal street signs development has now become a complete series of excellent design of a logo category. Come on, the first aluminum alloy logo in China started from imitating European products, but now with many companies investing in this industry to promote its rapid development, the most important thing is that they launched a series of successful logo systems for the Chinese market, which has formed the aluminum alloy logo industry with Chinese characteristics, and some of them have successfully entered the outside world. The national market.
personalized metal street signs

The greatest characteristics of aluminium alloy personalized metal street signs are as follows:
Lightweight - Because the weight of aluminium sheet is 2.71 kg/mm per square meter, the panel can be thick to 3 mm or more, which greatly increases the smoothness of the font surface.
Not easy to rust - Aluminum plate oxidizes slowly, and does not have rust stain to pollute the wall;
Easy coloring - easy to adhere to the paint film, if processed properly, the surface durability can be almost comparable to that of automobile topcoat.
Easy to install - because of its low weight, it is much lighter to install.
Compared with traditional materials, it will not rust, surface treatment forms are various, content information can be replaced independently, follow-up use of low cost, maintenance is very convenient. This product was introduced into China in the mid-1990s. It was widely used in some high-grade environments, especially in hospitals. It was quickly accepted and replaced by traditional copperplate etching, plexiglass printing and other products in some environments. However, due to the need of personalized tables, some environments require personalized design, but compared with modular materials, the cost of personalized metal street signs production will be higher.

Selection of marking materials is mainly based on the effect of processing, in which the reference principle of materials science is applied. From the perspective of ergonomics, many factors should be considered in the design of products in specific environments: convenience of use, reliability of installation, low consumption of maintenance, etc. The popular modular structure oriented series products abroad have fully taken these needs into account. In addition, precious metal aluminium alloy with many advantages can be used as material to increase the grade of marking. Firstly, different modules are made of light aluminium, and different combinations are designed according to different needs. Fixed parts and surface treatment are used. Finally, graphic and textual processing is carried out. Thus, personalized metal street signs with different shapes (proportions) are formed.