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Round aluminum sign blanks

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Round aluminum sign blanks is the secondary production process product of aluminum roll press, which is widely used in electrical appliances, thermal insulation, machinery manufacturing, automobile, aerospace, military industry, mold, construction, printing and other industries. Such as kitchenware, such as non stick pot, pressure cooker, and hardware, such as lampshade, hot water

 Round aluminum sign blanks

Round aluminum sign blanks

Alloy: 1050 ,1060, 1100, 3003, 5052

Temper: H22, O

Thickness: 0.5--5.0mm

Diameter: 100---1500mm

Features of round aluminum sign blanks

1. Wafer specifications are complete, conventional size, can provide the thinnest 0.5mm, the thickest 6.5mm wafer;

2. The wafer surface performance is good, no obvious scratch, oil, oxidation, black spots, etc;

3. When the thickness of the wafer is more than 1.0 mm, the edge of the finished product shall be neat without burr;

4. Good control of coil grain size and elongation in the early stage ensures the excellent deep drawing and spinning performance of the disc, and effectively avoids the bad phenomena such as wire drawing lines, ruffles and high ear making rate in the later processing;

5. Strictly control and test the alloy, state and performance of the coil to ensure the accuracy and diversity of the discs provided;

6. The introduction of advanced and efficient production equipment improves the wafer production efficiency and material utilization, effectively shortens the production cycle, and provides customers with real-time and convenient services;

7. Wafer classification is detailed, according to different uses and requirements of customers, can select the accurate category;

8. Products meet RoHS and reach environmental standards;

9. The products are packed firmly and meet the domestic sales and international export standards.

Round aluminum sign blanks are widely used in traffic signs, aluminum cans, tank heads and other required aluminum discs, aluminum processing and manufacturing industries such as cooking utensils and lamps.

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