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4x8 white aluminum sign board

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Aluminum sign board is usually made of aluminium alloy plate with other elements added. Aluminum sign board coated with color paint is usually used as a sign. Most of them are white, blue, green and yellow color coated aluminum sign board. Because of its good reflective effect and corrosion resistance, Aluminum sign boards are widely used in the field of traffic signs to remind pedestrians and vehicles, and also as road partitions. In everybody's daily life, you will notice that the 4x8 white aluminum sign board is everywhere.

white aluminum sign board
Routine dimensions of road white aluminum sign board:
Permissible turnaround sign: 800x800x2.0mm
Pay attention to pedestrians: 800x800x2.0mm
Warning signs: Delta 700, Delta 900, Delta 1100, Delta 1300
Limited speed signs: 800x2.0mm, 10000x3.0mm
Directional signs: 4000x3000x3.0, 4000x240x3.0mm, 4000x220x3.0mm, 4000x2000x3.0mm, 3000x3000x3.0mm, 3000x1500x3.0mm, 3000x1500x3.0mm, etc.
Aluminum sign board is a kind of alloy product commonly used in our daily life for road indication, direction indication and warning sign. Because aluminium material has the advantages of excellent performance, light weight and abundant resources, the aluminum sign board is one of the most common kinds of labels. aluminum sign boards are widely used in construction, decoration and construction. For example, they can be seen in road construction boards, building staircase boards, safety warning boards, etc. The thickness is between 0.25-2.5 mm, and the width and length can be customized according to the specific needs of customers.